Xtal TesterCrystal Oscillator Tester
The basic idea came a few months ago when i was trying to find a Xtal for a project but i had over 250 uncategorized pcs. You must test them, i said to myself,…yes you are a recycle fan but you have a lot of garbage in your drawer…
I spent a week to gather info & specs, i have 2 frequency meters & oscilloscopes in my lab, i didn’t want to make a complex device with displays, leds & switches,so finally i made a Xtal & Crystal Oscillator Tester as a plugin device (probe) for my frequency meter or for the oscilloscope.
No more alligators, soldering, testing circuits on breadboards, that’s it!!!
You can use it as RF Oscillator – Generator for your projects too.
You can easily test XTALs & VCXO Crystal Oscs using your lab instruments such as Frequency Meters,
Oscilloscopes & Spectrum Analyzers.

You can watch a short presendation, just click on this youtube link http://youtu.be/WkruzjNsZrs

An Assembled PCB Now It’s Available, For More Details Please Contact, akis at crisistech dot com.

Frequency Meter Test

Full Spectrum Harmonic Analysis

Center Frequency Test Analysis

VCXO Crystal Oscillator Under Test

XTAL Under Test

SMD XTAL Test Point

Optional Outputs
BNC Female 2 Output Plugs Option A (DEFAULT)
SMA Female Jack Option B
SMA Female Jack Option C
SMA Male Jack Option D
SMA Male Jack Option E


Xtal tester 1Mhz up to 50Mhz.
Crystal Oscillator Tester as far as it goes…(up to 250Mhz tested).
Dual Output BNC (Default) for frequency meter or oscilloscope.
Xtal Indicator Led for testing without external meters.
Power on switch & led.
A 9 V battery used as Power Supply.
5, 3.3, 2.5V Dip Switch for Different Crystall Oscillators.

Download Manual

Available In Greek


Thank you.

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