Power Supply & Automation Board For Ceramic Power Tetrodes

This article describes a modern stabilized screen-grid power supply
with MCU that provides adjustable voltage and a good regulation.
It also includes very effective circuits to protect the tube and
the rest of the amplifier.
With some changes to meet specific requirements for screen – grid voltage and current,
they can be used as an upgrade for almost any existing tetrode Power Amplifier.

This project protect the tube and amplifier against faults.
It has been tested in sevarals power amplifiers including
ceramic tetroders 4X150 & 4CX250 4CX1500 mid power amplifiers.

Variable Screen power supply Mosfet based with a standard range
between 200 to 500Vdc & current at least 80-200Ma
which can be limited from 30-200mA VDR Protection included.
Variable Grid power supply with a standard range
from 1.5-140Vdc & current over 200mA VDR Protection included.
Filaments Auto range selector between 6V & 26.5V with current sensor.
SWR Protection for Reflective Power Protection.
Over voltage or zero voltage Protection for both Screen & Grid, (High Voltage Cut Off Mode)
Buzzer for acoustic multiple warnings different for each failure.
Optical fault indicators.
Reset Button.
Service Mode Function for repair, calibration & final test.
Fully isolated MCU Circuit from any other tube voltage.
Low Profile Modular PCB with dimensions 249 x 80 x 35mm or 9.80 x 3.15 x 1.38inch
Protype PCB Automation
The Automation Inside A Medium Power 50-150Mhz 4X150/4CX250/4CX350/8930 Based VHF Amplifier

This project is for sale, available for manufactures only.

Schematics, Gerbers And BOM List Are Available

This project is for sale, available for manufactures only.
AkisT – George Kentar

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