A Rack Mount 19” Power Supply Unit 0-30V 0-10A 300W
A non common but usefull tool for every laboratory is an adjustable power supply, high quality & stability were approved.
When i decided to design this device i was very lucky, a friend of mine came with a damaged one & he ask me to fix it, i took the risk to re engineer it
but as i wrote several times before i’m going to be a whole-hog nerd when i’m going to sign a device, my first thought is always safety & a good MTBF.
A RACK MOUNT 19” 300W PSU 0-30V/0-10A designed (case, pcbs, & panels) for laboratory use, but with a high difficulty constructive level.
Designed for hard working conditions, with over temperature, current & power failure protections.
Voltage Supply: 110V-220V 50-60Hz (depend on country region)
Output Voltage: 0-30V DC With step less than 0.1V (full range scale)
Output Current: 0-10A DC
– Current limitation
– Over temperature protection at 70C
– Short Circuit Protection
– Soft Start Input protection circuit.
– Over Temperature with LED
– Fuse failure Indicator with LED
– Over current limitation with LED

Power Consuption 300W max
Ripple Max: 0.2mVrms

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2 Responses to Medium Power 300W Rack Mount 19” Power Supply Unit 0-30V 0-10A

  1. Nick Harper says:

    Excellent Site, Perfect Job Dute, This PSU Is A Beauty, Maybe You Must Product This For Commercial Use Or Build Something Like An Electronic Kit For Us. If It’s Possible I’d Like To Buy One oF These, Is it available now?
    Also Im Interest Of Your Job And I’d Like To Make A Donation.
    Yeah Keep Going, Your Job Looks Fantastic!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mr Nick Harper, thank you so much for your comments, as i wrote at the end of my discription at this time this Project is not available. My intention was to offer it as a Project for a manufacture. There are several thoughts to offer an empty pcb or an assembled one but for the time being i prefer to keep it inactive.
    A Project like this was more complicated than i expected & i’d like to be ready for future customer support.
    If you want to donate it will be nice, I’ll inform you about as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards

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