A simple PSU Automation design for single output power supplies Up To 50V/10A DC Output.


In/Out Capasitance Filter 20.000uF/63V.

Output: Dual AC PSU  2 x 9v 3.6VA For Digital Panel Meters (XH2.54-4P 4 poles Connector).

Thermal Protection 2 x Thermal Switches Inputs, with LED indicator (KF2510-2P  2 poles Connector).

Thermal Speed Controlled Fan 4 x 12V Outputs 200mA max consumption (KF2510-3P  3 poles Connector).

Thermal Protection With NTC Thermistors Dual Input (KF2510-2P  2 poles Connector).

Fuse Breaker Led Alarm Indicator (XH2.54 2 poles Connector), External Chassis Fuse Holder Needed  (Wafer Connector 3.96mm 2 poles).

Main Transformer Input (Wafer Connector 3.96mm 2 poles) and Cut Off Protection Circuit via Relay.

AC Input 220V 10A Max (Wafer Connector 3.96mm 3 poles).

Dimensions: W 100mm x L 100mm x H 50mm

Weight: 530gr


Schematics, Gerbers And BOM List Are Available

This project is for sale, available for manufactures only.

For technical – hardware and purchase inquiries contact at : akis@crisistech.com













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